I be mad you be sad

Ah, another one of Little Monkey’s new favorite games. He loves to play “I be mad, you be sad” where he decides who is mad, sad and happy and you must play long with the proper facial expressions. It is so fun to see him exploring emotions.  Tonight while reading his new favorite book, Bear Snores On, we discussed the Bear’s emotions. “Do you think Bear is happy or mad?” “Are Bear’s friends scared or sad?” Little Monkey has come to enjoy the Bear books by Karma Wilson so much that I believe we are going to have to add them all to our collection.

Young Owl is into emotions lately too.  He has been very moody and has taken to sulking when things don’t go his way. I’m not sure if this is due to him still trying to adjust to the less scheduled days without school or if he is feeling that Mama Zookeeper isn’t giving him his fair share of attention (delayed sibling jealously). He has stared to be very touchy with us. If you are sitting close to him, he feels he must touch you with some part of his body (feet, leg, hand, etc.).  A lot of the time he feels he must be in your lap, which is fine but at 5 years old he is a bit bigger than he was a few years ago and my goodness that young owl just can’t sit still when he is cuddling. Whatever the cause I must figure it out soon or Mama Zookeeper will loose her mind! Since swim lessons are over now, Mama Zookeeper will have to think of something special to do one-on-one with Young Owl while the other animals are napping…


A tour of the zoo

Welcome to the zoo that is our lives! There are several animals that live in our zoo and one zookeeper trying to keep the peace and keep the whole place running.  Today we’ll give you a small tour…

I’m Mama Zookeeper. Mostly I’m behind the scenes making sure the place doesn’t fall apart.


Next I’ll introduce you to Papa Penguin, he is as loving as any papa penguin but can be extremely silly and fun to watch!

 The Papa Penguin caring and silly all in one.

Next meet my Young Owl. He’s wise beyond his years and very observant of the world around him. He enjoys reading (on his own and listening to us read) and knows far more about the world around him than I did at his age.

The young owl thinking about the world around him.

Finally, meet Little Monkey. True to his name his new favorite pass time is jumping off the couch. He is very active but still wants to cling to mama zookeeper most of the time.

Little Monkey is attempting to be Buzz Lightyear in the midst of battle.

I welcome the guests to our zoo!!