Muffin Tin Monday & Small Town Living

Today was our first go at a really neat idea featured on Sycamore Stirrings, Muffin Tin Monday!  The concept behind the ingenious idea is to entice toddlers to eat a greater variety of foods. I thought it would be a great way to try to get Little Monkey and Young Owl to try something new and fun.

Of course I immediately had to locate a muffin tin. They tend to just hid around the zoo’s kitchen gathering dust during the summer months. Not being able to find the regular six-cup muffin tin I know I have, I opted to use the fun star shaped one.  Here is our spread.

Muffin Tin spread

Clockwise from top left: golden raisins & dried cherries, veggie burger (the actual vegetable type), balogna (Owl’s choice), berry farm fresh strawberries, snack mix (again Owl’s choice), and Annie’s bunny pasta.

Was it a success? Yes and no. Young Owl tried some of everything. He decided he didn’t like the “confetti” veggie burger and the dried cherries but was into almost everything else. Little Monkey, on the other hand, only ate the golden raisins and a pretzel out of the snack mix. Ah, Little Monkey will you ever eat like a normal monkey? Probably not.

Since half the fun of Muffin Tin Monday would be eating out of a muffin tin, I decided while I was running errands in the city tonight I would look for a new six-cup muffin tin so the boys could each have their own. Wouldn’t you know that I couldn’t find any plain (read: cheap, not heavy duty or extremely large or small) ones at either place I went. One of the stores was sold out of that type, makes me wonder if Muffin Tin Monday is sweeping the nation.

While shopping tonight I was also very disappointed to find out that I can buy this organic cereal in the city for less than I can buy this, this or this cereal at our local store. So I guess we are trading healthy affordable food for cheaper housing and safer streets. Ugh, why can’t the zoo have it all?!?


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