Nature color seek and woodland creatures

In the quest to give Young Owl more one-on-one time with Mama Zookeeper, yesterday he and I created a nature color find.  I have seen this lately on the web but I can’t for the life of me find where at the moment. Here is our take:

During Little Monkey (& visiting Baby Cheetah) nap time, Young Owl and I painted an egg carton with every color of paint we had and then some.

Young Owl painting our project

Later we went on a walk and tried to find nature items which can fit into the egg carton. Our walk was short, we were all hot and a bit cranky, but we have a good start on finding our colors.

Young Owls Nature finds

During the little animals nap time today we were still on our nature kick. Young Owl and I created a woodland diorama using a recycled box, construction paper, craft form, playdoh and small plastic animals. It was a great way for the two of us to work together and for Young Owl to have Mama Zookeeper time just to himself. Young Owl below with his work.

Proud Young Owl next to our work

(Yes, he did wear the biking gloves the whole time. It seems that he digs those silly biking gloves out of the dress-up box at least twice a week and then wears them for hours at a time.)

Here are some close ups of his project:

 Young Owl\'s finished work

Here’s a close up of the bear’s cave. Per the Young Owl, the squirrel is hiding in the bear’s cave because of the bear fight going on outside.

Bear\'s cave in Young Owl\'s project

All this extra Mama Zookeeper time seems to have helped with some of Young Owl’s moodiness. Somehow I have managed to squeeze in this time with out going insane or pulling my hair out. He has seemed less needy the rest of the time which still has allowed me to have a little bit of down time in the day.

Little Monkey meanwhile has been busy trying to jump off and on and on top of the couch. Today Papa Penguin caught him on the couch with both chairs from his Little Tyke table. Prepared to apparently sit on them, or more likely getting ready to climb on top of the chairs on top of the couch and jump off. That’s my monkey, crazy and daring with no fear. Makes me wonder what watching the summer Olympics will bring. Will Little Monkey try to imitate the gymnastics or high jumping? I guess will just have to see.

Today to just add another element of “fun” to the zoo, I decided to drop my old laptop on my toe. Yeah, ouch!!

Everyone have a wonderful and safe holiday~


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