Zoo on tour

The past few days have been busy!  Yesterday, Little Monkey and Young Owl went on an outing to a near by zoo with Mama Zookeeper and our very helpful Aunt and Cousins. The weather was beautiful and we all held up pretty well for all the walking.

Little Monkey loved the playful otters on exhibit. The side of their enclosure was glass and the otters playfully swimming by the glass while Little Monkey looked on and squealed with delight. I wish I could have recorded his reaction, it was priceless. He also really liked studying the jellyfish exhibit. I have to admit they are very peaceful and calming. I think Little Monkey would have stayed there and studied the jellyfish for another 10 minutes if we would have let him. 

Little Monkey studying the jellyfish

Little Monkey studying the jellyfish

Young Owl enjoyed the zoo too. This was the third time he has been to this zoo, but unlike last time we visited he did not feel the need to go through the zoo as quickly as possible. He enjoyed most all the animals too but by the end of the afternoon was quite tired.  One of the highlights for him was the train ride we took around the park when we were done exploring by foot.

Young Owl ready for the train ride

Young Owl ready for the train ride

Today we enjoyed the local 4th of July festivities. We kicked off the day by watching Young Owl and Papa Penguin rocking out on a float in the parade. Little Monkey and I watched the parade with family and caught candy, a beach ball and a hat to share with Young Owl. Then we enjoyed a family potluck (except for Little Monkey who decided none of the food was something he dared eat) and time chatting and relaxing.

This evening we walked out to watch the local fireworks. This year was Little Monkey’s first year to see fireworks and he love them! He was clapping, laughing and squealing almost the entire time. We had a great view and it was not too crowded. Young Owl enjoyed them too although he was much more subdued in reactions as he was growing tired from his very busy day. He was very content to quitely watch the fireworks while laying down on the blanket next to Papa Penguin and Mama Zookeeper.

All and all it was a wonderful time. Next up farmer’s market (if I can get up tomorrow morning) and time with Mama Zookeeper’s Mama.


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