Ten rediscovered truths

Kids don’t need expensive toys to entertain themselves.  Take for example the collection of milk caps at our house. Why are they fun? Because you can put them inside each other, there are several different colors, there are lots of them and you can spread them around the house.
Caps are fun even if they’re free!
I have a hard time leaving things unfinished. Case in point, I had to finish the puzzle at my mom’s house last week. Why? Because it was there and I can’t stand to see it half finished. I wonder why this doesn’t apply to laundry… Ugh, that’s hard to see, makes me want to go finish the laundry.

In a perfect world laundry would finish itself.



Young Owl and Little Monkey are total hams. They may not always want to have their pictures taken but when it’s their idea they totally ham it up for the camera. Here Young Owl is showing me his super hero pose. Little Monkey is a super hero too (as you can so clearly tell by his cape) who is on vacation.

Boys hamming it up for the camera.

I still have a weakness for pretty shoes. A walk past the shoe department in a fancy department store always makes me long to be working in a professional (out of the house job) just so I have an excuse to buy fancy-pants shoes.

Pretty shoes...

It’s okay to cook veggies even if I’m the only person in the house eating them. Yummy squash and zucchini (not to mention the fresh green beans I made tonight). The poor boys just don’t understand what they’re missing.  At least I won’t have to share my tomatoes when they finally ripen.

Veggies are good.

Even though Young Owl is wise for his age, there are still things he can’t grasp yet. On our weekend adventure with my mom, we visited a gorge that has recently been made much deeper thanks to the floods of 2008. While Young Owl enjoyed looking for fossils, the talk of how much water was here just a month ago and how long it’s been since anyone has seen these fossils seemed just beyond his grasp.
Young Owl exploring this weekend.

There is nothing that pulls at my heart more than watching Little Monkey sleep. No matter how much of a terror he is during the day, nothing is sweeter than seeing Little Monkey in deep sleep. It helps remind me that these last few days of toddler-hood are fleeting and before I know it they’ll be gone. Added bonus, he stays in one place when he sleeps! 

Sleeping Little Monkey makes my heart sing.

I’m a crayon snob. They have to be sharp, they have to be Crayola, and Mama Zookeeper doesn’t like to share her crayons with the rest of the zoo. I admit it, now I feel better.


Crayons must be just right.



Farmer’s Markets can be events, not just markets. We ventured out for the first time to the near by city’s weekend Farmer’s Market. It was so overwhelming. Young Owl immediately commented that it was like being at the state fair. I felt lost looking at all the choices, most of which were the same produce just different venders, in the five or so block area. I did come home with some of the best peaches I’ve ever tasted! (Yes, they were from out of state but still very fresh.)



More to Farmer's Markets than food.


Sometimes at night I want to play a mindless game. By the end of the day I feel so beat. Chasing after visiting Baby Cheetah and Little Monkey, finding things to engage Young Owl, making dinner and keeping house somewhat under control take the fire right out of me. At the end of the night sometimes I would rather play 20 minutes of mind numbing solitaire instead of blogging.


Solitaire numbs the mind.

Now even though this post isn’t showing just the way I wan t it to, I am going to bed.






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