Our state fair is a great state fair…

Ah, its that time of year again. Time for the annual visit to the best state fair (according to Rodgers and Hammerstein). In typical fair fashion we were hot but we had a lovely time!

We made two trips this year. First was the opening day. Traffic that day was insane! We sat in traffic for about two hours just to get to the fair grounds. Luckily I had snacks packed which prevented the kids from getting too cranky while waiting in the long line of traffic.  Baby Cheetah tagged along and it was fun to have her with us.

As pre-planned, we didn’t try to do too much this day. We concentrated our time on the animals. We visited the Animal Learning Center where we saw baby chicks hatching from eggs, baby pigs and a baby horse.  Then we headed down to the barns to see the sheep, cows, horses, pigs and rabbits. Young Owl timidly petted a horse that a young exhibitor was bringing out to show. Little Monkey petted (or rather touched with one finger) a baby pig and rabbit.

Today we headed back into the fair grounds to hit the other attractions. We of course had to visit some of our normal haunts, Varied Industries Building with all its retail exhibitors, The Hall of Fire and Law where still today they are teaching children to “stop, drop and roll”, and one of our new favorites Little Hands on the Farm.

We have been visiting this attraction since it opened at the state fair about three years ago, collecting our little green hats every year. Farming is a big part of the economy of our state this has been a wonderful addition to the state fair. The area is a great chance for the kids to get out of their strollers (and little red wagons) and be active. It also gives them a tiny bit of exposure to many aspects of the farm. One of the changes I noticed this year is that much more of the farming crops where disappointingly pre-bagged making it slightly less hands on than in years prior, none the less, it is a great area for pictures.

Young Owl peddling his bio-fuel powered tractor.

Young Owl peddling his bio-fuel powered tractor.

Little Monkey gathering an egg from under a hen.

Little Monkey gathering an egg from under a hen to sell at the Farmer's Market.

 After all their hard work on the farm (not to mention the hours on the fair grounds) the boys were hot and tired. Their refreshing treat for finishing their farm “chores” sure hit the spot.

Cooling off after farming.

Cooling off after farming.

A cool treat for hard day's work.

A cool treat for hard day's work.

Even though we didn’t see and do everything I would have liked to do (like seeing the butter cow and making spin art pictures), all and all it was a good time at the fair.


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