Lose Tooth and Olympics 2008

This breaking news: Young Owl has his first loose tooth!!! He is so incredibly excited but has decided that most everything he has to chew bothers him including most all state fair food. Did I mention that he and Little Monkey pretty much only ate chocolate chip cookies at the fair this year. Party poopers, you should be eating fair food at that fair not cookies. Geez, its almost as bad as eating salad on a stick. Come on people, salad on a stick, you’ve got to be kidding me.

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah Young Owl’s loose tooth. Maybe he’ll loose this tooth before the first day of school. Mama Zookeeper must remember to put the Tooth Fairy on alert. Now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast…

I don’t think words can express how exciting the Olympic Games are to watch. The swimming is just blowing me away. I find myself not being able to keep myself from watching (and sometimes cheering a little too loudly).

Little Monkey so far has been totally uninterested in the games. Which is okay, I guess. My hopes where that we could watch and cheer on the USA as a family. Little Monkey, however, would much rather run around the house and demand that we watch him push his cars along the floor.

Young Owl has watched some of the games but has decided it is all pretty boring (espically the swimming).  He did seem to enjoy watching some beach volleyball with Papa Penguin but that could be because he was allowed to stay up late just to watch. I must just keep reminding myself that Young Owl really isn’t into sports and really this should be expected.

We did enjoy the Opening Ceremonies as a family. In true Olympic fashion it was stunning and beautiful. The only disappointing part was watching the athletes marching in.  Why you ask. Well its because watching only reminded me how poor my knowledge of geography is and how important it is that I invest in a really good world map for the family. Ugh, something else to add to the Christmas list.


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