Happening hair and silly sayings

Young Owl wanted to try out a new hair style for school this year and Little Monkey wanted his hair the same way.  Luckily I snapped some pictures shortly after their hair was styled because by afternoon Young Owl’s hair was pretty much flat again. 

happening hair

happening hair

The boys have been cracking me up the past few days too.  I thought I would share some of their silliness with all of you.

happening hair too

happening hair too

LM (in van on way to dr appt): …mad…

MZ: Oh

LM: Really mad. Really really mad. 1, 2, 3 mad

MZ: Who’s mad?

LM: Baby cheetah mad

MZ: Why? (Knowing Baby Cheetah not mad as she was cooing happily in her carseat)

LM: Baby Cheetah wants my drink, mad

MZ (trying not to laugh): okay

ready to rock

ready to rock

In the afternoon it was Young Owl’s turn.

YO (signing): It’s a pizza life, it’s a pizza life..

MZ: It’s a piece of life?

YO: No, it’s a pizza life

MZ: Oh

YO: That’s what I’m going to name my restaurant where I cook. (Referring to his life long dream of becoming a chef/rock star)

MZ: Really

YO: Yep. At my restaurant there is going to be all kinds of pizza. I’ll have bacon and eggs too.

MZ: Bacon and eggs on pizza.

YO: No mom…I suppose if you really like bacon and eggs on your pizza we could make it that way.

yesterday's yummy breakfast

yesterday's yummy breakfast, future item on Young Owl's menu?

Bonus for you all. Young Owl explaining to the neighbor boy that being 65 isn’t old.

YO: 65 isn’t old.

Friend: Yes it is, my grandpa died

YO: My great-grandma died. I’ll tell you how you know if someone is old enough to die…they have white hair. If they have white hair they’re close to dying. If it’s dark their not.

Ah, gotta love that kid logic.


One thought on “Happening hair and silly sayings

  1. Man, I’d better not allow my hair to go prematurely white – Young Owl might freak out thinking I’m going to die! 🙂

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