Hair Raising Entertainment

Little Monkey has been down and out with a nasty cough and the lovely illness is trying to spread to the rest of the family, so we’ve been trying to take it easy here at the zoo. That doesn’t mean, however, that we’ve been without any fun.

A simple green balloon was all that was needed for a few hours worth of entertainment for the day. There were a variety of games played ranging from the classic “keep hitting the balloon to keep it from touching the floor,” to the more scientific game of “generate static cling and attach the balloon to your head” as demonstrated by Young Owl.

I love when the kids can find a non-toy that sparks they’re imagination and creativity. They can play with the simplest things for hours and in multiple ways but give them a toy they’ve asked for because they’ve seen it in a commercial and they’ll play with it for only a few minutes before it gets put aside.

Even baby girl got in on the balloon play action when Young Owl invented the game “make baby sister’s hair stand straight up.” Needless to say it got lots of giggles from both Mama Zoo Keeper and Young Owl.

Where was Little Monkey during all this fun? Well he was taking a completely unusual nap for three hours! Hopefully he is over this illness soon because his giggle is heartwarming and contagious.

I apologize for the slightly blurry photo, I thought it would be rude to use the flash and wake up the napping monkey. He tends to be cranky when awoken from a nap, that is unless you are waking him up to tell him Electric Company is about to start.


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