This week we have been recovering from last week. It was a tough week and far less than productive than normal due mostly to the fact that Papa Penguin was on a business trip. After we all got over our jealousy of Daddy being some place warm (which took awhile as we had record lows that week) we did have some fun.

We did dishes as a family. The boys really enjoyed being able to do the grown up job. I didn’t even have to pay them!

Baby girl learned new “tricks” to impress people, such as a true crawl, pulling herself up and finally growing a tooth.

Even I got in on the fun and tried my hand at using rag curlers to make my hair pretty. I was surprised at how curly it made my hair and the fact that the curls stayed until I finally washed them out.

To cap off the week, we made a giant “tent” to sleep under in the living room. At this point I was going a bit stir crazy and the plan that started off as being a small tent attached to one window ended up to be a false ceiling expanding the entire living room. It was a bit like sleeping under a big top tent at a circus.

I love the way the light made the tent glow in the evening and early morning.

I’m sure the kids will look back and remember how crazy their mom was when they were little. Honestly, I think I’m okay with that.


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