Long time gone

The zoo has been off-line for quite a while now. Hopefully we can make time to update our blog on a regular basis.

Here is what’s new in the zoo:

  1. Birthing a new baby girl in mid-July. She is happy, healthy and growing quickly. Still doesn’t have a zoo name…
  2. Venturing into homeschooling. Young Owl and Little Monkey are both homeschooling this year.
  3. Learning even more crafts. Mama Zookeeper has what seems like a fifty craft and sewing projects on her to do list.
  4. Becoming ever greener, the zoo is delving into cloth diapering. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to give up plastic too, but not yet.
  5. Reconnecting with old (and not so old) friends and family via Facebook. Yep, the zoo is hooked.
  6. Living day to day life that is full of ups and downs.

As you can see we’ve been living in verbs. The zoo looks to continue to be a busy place in the coming months.